Operation Ice Bridge

Eighty percent of Greenland is covered by a prehistoric ice sheet, as deep as two miles in places.  But,  it’s quickly losing mass, and this could have a huge impact on the rest of the world---from rising sea levels to further global warming. We received a unique invitation to join NASA on a mission to learn what’s happening in the polar regions. Aboard a P-3 aircraft, their scientists fly low altitude missions over the ice sheets and use scientific instruments to measure changes to the depth and reflectivity of the ice.  The scenery over Greenland’s glaciers is stunning—and so is the knowledge that it’s quickly diminishing. It’s an intimate portrait of the life of scientists in one of the most remote yet important regions of the world.

Aired as a special half hour epsiode as a part of TechKnow, Al Jazeera America's program about science and tech innovation.